Abby Newell - CEO

Piaffe was founded by Abby Newell initially as a side project at the end of 2012, while she was working in a creative agency in London. to manage the business affairs of World Ranked Number One rider, Charlotte Dujardin CBE. She went full time with the company in 2015 and Piaffe has continued to grow into a reputable management company for clients within sport, entertainment, and beyond. Abby graduated from University, where she studied both in the UK and in Spain, to move to New York City in 2003, where she learnt the art of marketing and public relations under the expert guidance of Sally Fischer, CEO of SFPR; a relationship she is still humbled to have to this day. On her return to the UK she moved to London and spent several years working in music publishing for major companies such as BMG and Universal before moving onto major record label, Sony Music where she remained in a senior role for four years. At Sony Music, she was in the Synchronisation team, pitching and licensing recordings to clients in advertising, film, television and gaming, which allowed her to gain an in depth knowledge and contact base across multiple sectors including within advertising, film, television and creative agencies.

A contract role with Warner Brothers Film followed, leading her to a two year stint at a Creative Advertising Agency, that specialised in the marketing and advertising of some of the most prolific entertainment IP in the world, including Downton Abbey, the Bond franchise, Hunger Games and many more. The work of the agency still entertains millions of eyes everyday and this experience and understanding of crafting such strategic campaigns has allowed Abby to introduce the power and effectiveness of creative communications to the sectors of sport, entertainment, and a multitude of brands whom she works has worked with since. She classes her work as a lifestyle, travelling the world and growing her knowledge and network regularly.  She is thoroughly committed to growing the company and helping her clients reach their goals. uk.linkedin.com/in/abbynewell

Abby is also the Founder and CEO of We Are Levade established in 2018, and also holds the position of Commercial Director of the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club where the Piaffe offices are also based.

Newell reveals herself to Eurodressage as a stand-out from other PR professionals with what seems to be a relentless energy and commitment to achieving her goals”
Astrid Appels - Eurodressage