Abby is a true communicator. Years ago Abby joined our staff in New York to be a part of our international PR agency. She is dynamic, energized and thoughtful. It is great to have Abby on your side! I recommend working with Abby Newell, she’s a winner.
Sally Fischer – President SFPR, New York City

Abby is invaluable in overseeing my business affairs, sponsorships, social and media commitments and she always goes above and beyond to make things run smoothly for me. She is always full of ideas and we've had quite the journey so far. There is such a varied skill set here at Piaffe and I’m so proud of what we achieved together over the last seven years, as well as assisting in bringing dressage more into the mainstream!
Charlotte Dujardin CBE – Elite British Dressage Rider and Triple Gold Medalist - London and Rio de Janeiro.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Abby for about 10 years. Her two greatest loves are music and her horse! She’s an absolute delight to be around and I’d hire her in a heartbeat.
Jane Shaw – Global Communications Director - Visa

I worked with Abby for over a year whilst I was Marketing Director at Syco Entertainment. Abby is a commercially savvy and strategic thinker with a good eye for smart ideas and getting projects off the ground. She is very well connected and great to work with – balancing the needs of the project/brief with a strong team spirit. I would recommend Abby as she is a very sharp business woman and lovely to work with
Mark Hardy – Chief Marketing Officer Viber

From the first communication with Piaffe Limited’s founder Abby Newell, her promptness and attention to her clients needs was very evident. I have had the pleasure over the past three years to develop a relationship with Abby, in which I have always been made to feel very comfortable, yet professional in all of our interactions, which is the utmost of importance when dealing with profile of the clients that Piaffe represents. Abby is a visionary in her field and I have nothing but gratitude and praise for the guidance, support and trust in myself and SH Productions since the company's infancy.  Abby always says, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together; a phrase that I feel her clients, company and herself exude.  I look forward to many more years of working together.  Scott Hayes, Founder, SH Productions

I had the pleasure of dealing with Abby when she was at Sony on numerous occasions, she is always a pleasure to deal with and no task is too big!
Abby is very efficient and knows her stuff when it comes to music rights and also recommending music, a great contact to have.
Pretti Hanumara – Rights Manager Channel 4

Abby is one of the hardest working and most driven people I know. Given that comes with a commitment to deliver excellence for her team and her clients that adds up to a pretty amazing package. I think great things await for her.
Paul Bursche- Communications Director Sony Music Entertainment

Tenacious business woman is the first phrase that comes to mind when I think of Ms Newell. She is very much a ‘doer’ and waste no time thinking how to get a task started. I was glad to have her be a part of my team and would definitely have her in my team again if that opportunity ever comes around again.
Mervyn Lyn – Managing Director, Strategic Partnership Solutions

I first worked with Abby while she was with Sony Music and I was working with Ricall Ltd. At the time her industry knowledge and contact base were impressive and both have grown into an invaluable source! If and when Abby ever says to you “I have someone who you should meet.” take the meeting!!
She has never let me down as her business contacts are always influential and relevant to my project and she is a good person to have on your side
Martin Hasselbring – Managing Director, Jimmy Turner

Abby is a total dream to work with. We dealt with different things (synch and Digital) but she was excellent and picking up the digital side of things and clearly a pro at what she does. Very fun to be around too and the most bubbly of personalities!
Alex Vlassopulos – Vice President & Head of Business Development, EMEA at Rdio

Abby Newell is an absolute gem. I co-manage the band Scouting for Girls and our whole team love her. Abby is one of the best Creative Synch Licensing Managers I’ve ever worked with in my years as an artist manager. She is professional, highly motivated, really knows her craft and is very personable. Abby consistently gets the best results in her projects and has a way of being persistent and charming at the same time – she always achieves more than one expects! Abby is the kind of person who will succeed in whatever she decides to do and is fun to work with as well – perfect!
Diane Wagg – Artist Manager

While at Sony Music I have had the pleasure to be a HR contact for Abby. Abby has always been a reliable colleague to work alongside and support. There have been many occasions in which Abby has supported the business when it comes to new initiatives as she represents continuous improvement due to her always seeking to make a positive impact on her role, team and wider business. Abby is an extremely inspiring individual and her passion for her work and hardworking nature is exemplary. Abby is someone who gives her 110% to whatever she puts her mind to and encourages others to do the same. This was clearly evident from her strong mentoring skills while providing invaluable support to a number of Internship schemes. With Abby’s shining character and bubbly personality I cannot think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy working with her. She would be a wonderful asset to any team and I am sure many would be able to vouch for that!
Raksha Rathod – Human Resources Manager, Live Nation

I have been working with Piaffe for several years now and Abby has introduced me to a whole host of new avenues and gained me several new sponsorships which really help my competitive career. She is one of the most energetic and passionate people I have met and has built something quite special here at Piaffe and I feel glad to be part of the team as I continue to ride internationally and for my country. Alice Oppenheimer - Elite British Dressage Rider