Owning a competition horse
There are many different ways to get involved in the ownership of a competition horse.

You can discuss purchasing young stock or competition horses based with reputable individuals, riders and trainers or view the listings here on this site

 Or, below we list the various types of ownership including that of syndicates. We also have several horses that are available for ownership / syndicates opportunity and these are listed here on the website by territory and disciplines. Should you wish to list you horse on this site in this area, please email abby@piaffepresents.com
Often as an Owner, you can:
Visit and watch your horse in training with his rider.
Attend competition events
Receive regular updates on the horses progress and discuss career goals
Sole Owner
Outright ownership
Full financial responsibility
Full financial benefit from a sale or prize money
Part Owner
More than one owner
Shared financial responsibility and benefits
Syndicate Owner
Less financial outlay, responsibility and risk than sole and part ownership
Set up your own syndicate or join an existing syndicate with others
The chance to own a higher calibre horse within your means
Choose your level of involvement often from as little as 5% 
Already an Owner?
Do you already own a horse that is either competing or you would like it to compete? Please read through our extensive list of biographies here on the site, detailing riders from across the disciplines. This will constantly be updated with new riders competing at a semi - professional / professional level. Many of their contact details are listed but we are happy to make introductions if required.