Content is as much about publishing and distribution as it is about creation and storytelling. When considering your content strategy, you MUST consider the distribution of that content.  Barcroft Media creates, produces and distributes factual content, which is enjoyed and shared by massive mainstream audiences around the world.

You already see their content used every day across major newspapers, websites and television shows and they travel the world to produce exclusive words, pictures and video which tell incredible, emotive real stories that are published and broadcast by thousands of leading news and entertainment brands every day. 

And now, thanks to Barcroft TV they are broadcasters in their own right. Their video channel has developed into one of the world’s biggest online news brands - boasting over a billion views on YouTube alone with more than 2 million subscribers. It is now the world’s most viewed Youtube channel in the News Vertical. They make the world's most viewed short-form factual video, and have developed fantastic insights and a deep understanding of how to engage and mobilise online audiences.

Piaffe consulted for Barcroft team for over a year during 2015 and 2016, introducing them to brands, agencies and PR professionals who we felt will find their work fascinating for their campaigns. In our first few months, we attained briefs from Kia, Warner Bros, MasterCard, Revolution Sports and we continue to work strategically with them on occasion. .




In partnership with Strategic Partnership Solutions, Piaffe has worked on a number of projects for MasterCard and their agencies, mostly their music clearance requirements work for the Brit Awards which MasterCard is the principal sponsor. Having over eight years of experience in music publishers and major record label synchronisation teams, we have an extensive contact book both in the music industry and artist managers and know the inner working of the business. We can source the right recordings to brief, negotiate and clear the licensing fees for our clients. 


Piaffe creates and handles the online brand presence for multiple athletes, brands and companies including the creation of brand identities, website builds and management and all aspects of visual identity.. A small selection of our work is below. Please click on the image to take you through to the website.