James Beim. England Captain. Seven goals. 38 years old

James comes from a non horsey background and started playing polo in the Pony Club at the age of 10. He turned professional at the age of 18 when he left school and since then has gone onto win every major tournament in the UK, including The Prince of Wales Trophy twice, The Queen’s Cup twice, the Warwickshire Cup twice and The Gold Cup twice. The latest Gold Cup victory came in 2018 as part of the All English El Remanso team, a feat which had not been achieved for 60 years previous.

James is a regular member of the England team having played in the past 13 International Days and three Westchester Cups. James has also taken part in the ‘La Copa de Naciones,’ (The Nation’s Cup) out in Argentina on five occasions. He was selected as England Captain four years ago, a role he presently holds. He has played in various countries around the world, predominantly in Australia and Argentina over the past two decades where he has played the highest level of polo and had many successes worldwide. He is currently the highest rated player in the United Kingdom.

This season, in the UK High Goal polo, James will be representing Scone Polo Team, and hopes to emulate the success of 2018.

James runs a small breeding program in the UK, that breeds and produces polo ponies with a view to playing at the top level. The most notable of this breed thus far is ‘Salsita’ a stunning eight year old dapple grey mare. Salsita won many accolades in 2018, including Best playing Pony of the Westchester Cup, and Horse of the month in the polo world for July ’18. James prides himself on his impressive string of ponies, with presentation and temperment, a high priority.

James is married to Lauren, and they have two children together; Willow, six and Max four. They live in West Sussex.

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