Anne (born 1962 in Aalborg Denmark) is a Danish Olympic dressage rider living in the Netherlands, running a very successful dressage and breeding yard with her husband Gertjan van Olst. In the early years, Anne was passionate about Show Jumping, however it quickly changed to her becoming completely focused on dressage. At Van Olst Horses, Anne is fully in charge of the dressage side of things and iis training her own competition horses, managing and training her riders and horses and teaching to Grand Prix, as well as managing the care of the horses. 

Her first international appearance was in 1988 aged 26, with her then horse 'Le Fiere’ They went onto compete at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and in 1989, they competed at the European Championship in Mondorf les Bains and in 1990, the Stockholm World Championships. Her next horse was 'Chevalier' and together they had many successes, 1992 Barcelona Olympics where they finished 10th individually, 1991 and 1993 European Championships where they were 5th individually and 1994 World Championships at The Hague, where they were again 9th. Anne then competed 'Chronos' in the 1995 European Championships, and in 1998 she finished 10th in the GP special at the Rome World Championships with 'Dempsey’. In 1999 she won Bronze with the team at the European Championship in Arnhem with her horse 'Any How'. Her next Olympics was Sydney 2000 where the team were 4th at Sydney. 

The next big success came with 'Exquis Clearwater' where she was a member of the bronze medal winning team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She then went on to compete at the 2009 Windsor Europeans, 2010 World Championships in Kentucky, 2011 Rotterdam Europeans and 2012 London Olympic Games. 

At a glance, Anne has been a member of the Danish team 17 times, has competed at 5 Olympic Games and been Danish Champion 3 times. She has competed more than 20 horses at Grand Prix and trained close to 100 and it is a privilege to have someone of this calibre on our roster.

2019 sees Anne with some very exciting prospects training at Grand Prix, and with the talent that the Van Olsts are renowned for breeding, and Anne's experience and knowledge in and out of the arena, the next couple of years are going to be very exciting indeed for the Van Olst team.