Founded in 2012 with an ambitious vision, Piaffe would prove the advent of innovative thinking and fresh perspective to a group of select athletes, sponsors and brands within the sport and lifestyle space. The company represents and manages some of the greatest sports figures across the equestrian world and specialises in management and marketing for these athletes and brands.. Piaffe alone has a following of nearly 30,000 across social media with a weekly reach of 70,000 and we offer clients an extensive range of solutions to reach the largest audience you can. 


We work with a whole host of business' and brands on their marketing challenges and campaigns. We begin with meeting with prospective clients to get an understanding of their business, their branding, audiences and what they wish to achieve. We analyse all of your communications and messaging and advise and build marketing strategies to build your brand. We work on short term and long term projects and everything is tailored to your specific needs. We will aim to help clients reach their goals through an in - depth look at the marketing matrix, identifying and crafting the right solutions and aligning with talent we have access to, when applicable. 


Our digital management encompasses the creation and delivery of websites and branding assets – from concept to launch. We create social media schedules driving audience engagement and we regularly refresh artwork across all social media platforms with current and key messaging with the aim of increasing visibility on key social platforms and in search engine results. We give regular feedback on analytics and audience response to content, with a view to adapting and reacting to audience response and behaviour. We currently manage the digital presence for over ten prolific athletes and multiple brands. 


Our creative collective resource have over thirty years of experience producing creative solutions for a multitude of brands and for the entertainment sector. Lean, agile and game to challenge; they have the beauty of no structures or overheads and you will always have direct access to the creative on job, right up to director level. 


Many brands all have one thing in common: they have all looked at strategic partnerships as a potential market source in reaching their audience. It is our job to create and execute effective strategic and commercial partnerships for our clients to create an extended reach and awareness for all parties. 

Our comprehensive marketing service connects, develops and promotes brands through the lens of our culture-defining talent, content and events to help change the way marketers approach partnerships.

Our team offers brand strategy and activation; sponsorships and endorsements; creative development and design; digital and original content; naming rights; public relations; live events; and a commitment to help brands leverage the world around them to create targeted, relevant programs that deliver measurable value.


Our public relations arm specialises in the sport, entertainment and the arts. We create and manage media campaigns for a wide variety of clients, providing quality service and the benefit of many years experience. Each job is bespoke and relies on the various skills, expertise and interests of a dedicated and talented team of individuals.